When I think of the word “moxie” I always fantasize about a Humphrey Bogart type with a cigarette dangling from his lips, passionately embracing a beautiful woman, saying, “You got moxie kid”. In my fantasy, there is always romantic music, it’s always in black and white, and he always kisses her immediately afterwards. There is fever between them.

However, this is not that type of website.

This website focuses more so on what happens when the man,  the fever, the relationship or the marriage leave you out in the cold. And you have to pull up your bootstraps and get back on the pony all alone. I want to remind women, and in the process myself, how having a perfect life is all relative to your attitude and your “moxie”. You create your perfect life. It’s something that comes from a honest heart, a courageous soul, and caring about the world around you.

Why Moxie Girl?

The word “moxie” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “the ability to be active” or “having courage and
determination”. My favorite definition, and the one that I find most fitting for the website, is from Yahoo. They define “moxie” as “the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, aggressive energy, initiative, skill, know-how”. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I hope people find this site funny, inspirational, and informative, as I very much enjoy writing these blogs. I will write about my life, what I know (and what I am learning) about single motherhood, furniture renovation, clean eating, weight lifting, and other various interests.  I cannot guarantee anything but what is real in my life. I will probably have greasy hair in some of these photos and my daughter will probably have peanut butter on her face. I will also shamelessly use quotes from other successful people. I believe it helps knowing what is possible for us out there (everything) and also what is impossible (nothing).

We all need that reminder.


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