The 12 Highlights of Christmas 2013

December 31, 2013

Dear readers,

The time has come to reflect on the holiday events of the previous week, after all, it is New Years Eve, and all sorts of reflection is in order.
I have officially eaten way too much (currently eating a piece of pizza… perfect material for the Fitness 2014 blog I plan on writing next), drank too much, taken too many pictures, and watched my daughter have a great time.

It was Audrey’s very first Christmas, and I think my husband, our two families, and I did a great job of making it a special one.

That said, I bring you the 12 Highlights of Christmas 2013:

1. My child received a terrifying doll from her Grandma Ronda.

2. I drove the 4 hours to my hometown with said child and she only screamed for an hour. Christmas miracle.

3. I was able to spend three bliss filled hours with my best friend Heidi Jean, catching up on life and love. Heidi even had the chance to snuggle my daughter. She has three wonderful kids of her own, and I wish I lived closer to spend more time with her and her family. She is a super mom, super person, and super friend.

4. Squeaker destroyed something and was caught in the act.

5. I made some great food with my mom for Christmas Day.

6. I contracted some sort of mild flu bug on Christmas Eve and ended up cuddling Audrey’s huge bear all night, on the floor, which was a present from her great-grandparents. Boo. Audrey and my nephew had a great time and that’s all that matters.

The 12 Highlights of Christmas 2013

7. Squeaker and her great grandpa had a bonding moment. I don’t live near them, so these moments are rare and mean a lot.

8. I had a great Christmas Dinner with friends, went out,  and ended up with half the bar back at my apartment. I was so busy being a hostess I forgot to eat the food. I even grew a beard for the occasion. Pure dedication.

9. I love my sister and my little nephew Snooks. She is the perfect amount of smart and crazy. He is the perfect amount of sweet and sassy. We started a new tradition. Fancy Schmancy Dinner Night. Look into it.

10. I drove home with a huge bear in my front seat.

11. I got new work-out shoes, courtesy of my husband. I haven’t bought work-out shoes in 8 years. My previous shoes only survived for this long because I didn’t actually start going to the gym until the age of 27.

12. And finally, last but not least, we had a big family dinner at The Landing in Menominee, Michigan. A lot of our family in Michigan was able to come, except my cousin Andy who was admitted for emergency surgery on his appendix. He is doing great!

Whelp, my friends, it is time to get things ready for New Years Eve. What were the highlights of your Christmas week? Subscribe and post!

Merry Christmas!

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