Happy New Year and here come the resolutions…

January 6, 2014

I had a great New Year’s Eve.
My friends had a small get together at their apartment and I rang in the New Year laid-back style with my little girl, Audrey, some sangria, buffalo chicken dip, and lots of cheese. All in good company of course. And, best news of all, my daughter started walking in front of everyone!

Over the past week, I have been contemplating my resolutions for the year 2014. While I am not the type to usually make resolutions, this year I have a lot of meaningful life changes I wish to implement:

1. A more vegetable based diet. It takes time to convert from eating dead food to live food, but it’s well worth putting that time in. I love my meat, but with more light being shined on the treatment of animals in our food industry, I feel it’s socially irresponsible of me to continue to rely so much on meat, poultry and dairy products. This is a personal choice, as it has to be for everyone. Will I become a total vegetarian? Not likely in 2014. But now I prefer to look at all meats and dairy products like I would a dessert or alcohol, only on occasion and ingest responsibly.

2. Peace out. Yoga in the morning. Meditation before bed. And more pie on Sundays. With the added stresses in my life these days, I think it’s time to make a conscious effort to relax more and treat my mind well. We all need this. Something along the lines of “no cell phone after 5:00 pm” might come in handy. Especially since I like writing at night, and spending time with my little sweetheart. Most things can wait until the next day. I feel as though we, as a society, and definitely myself, have lost the art of quality conversation. We all need pie and coffee on Sundays! Phones off!

3. Become a pool hall hustler, master fisher-woman, and Etsy shop owner. I believe this one speaks for itself.

4. Being an awesome mom. Read to Audrey more. Go for more walks this summer. Show her that I deserve her respect in the years to come, as she grows older, and starts giving me lip. Try my best to make my small corner of the world a better place for her.

5. Pray more. Sometimes it is easier to put all those thoughts and emotions on the shoulders of a higher power. Hunter S. Thompson said “Pray to God, but row away from the rocks.” No finer advice has been given. Resolutions 1-4 of this personal essay are my equivalent of “rowing away from the rocks”.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2014!


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