5 Reasons Why You Need a Glass of Wine and a Hot Bath Right Now

January 29, 2014

Dear readers,

I don’t know you. I don’t know what your life is like, or how your day was. I don’t know how you deal with stress, or if you are even male or female. But I think I can make at least one pretty convincing argument as to why you need to pour yourself a glass a wine and take a hot bath immediately (and by “immediately” I mean after you’ve left some sort of anonymous witty comment below).

1. Because you have an 11 month old daughter who hates all food right now. That curly headed angel used to love everything you fed her. Now she wipes everything on the floor, and stares at you in disapproval. It’s a constant battle as to whether she is actually hungry or not. You question how much she actually does eat. Is it more or less than yesterday? Does she have some sort of mental disorder which is causing her to starve herself to death? How did she wake up one day and hate everything? The typical answer to this is that she is establishing her independence, she enjoys watching stuff fall on the floor, and she also enjoys the massive amounts of attention she gets when she acts hungry, yet denies food. But either way, getting food into that little gob of hers is a very stressful event.

2. Because you can’t head to the bar. There are many reasons to go to the bar, but unfortunately they are usually circumstantial. The majority of you reading this will find that it’s either an inappropriate time, you are not feeling social enough to go, you have no baby sitter, you have no money, or the idea of heading to the bar requires a lot of effort. So pop that cork and have a soak.

3. You need to relax your muscles and your brain. Now what could be better than that warm bubbly heaven that is your bath tub? Close your eyes and imagine the hot water, the candles, the steam, and the ultimate relaxation literally washing over you. Everyone needs that don’t they? Of course they do. You did a lot today, didn’t you? Yes you did. Time to hit the reset button on your day, or night, and take a hot bath.

4. You want the relaxing effect of yoga but you do not want to do yoga. For whatever reason, you do not want to do yoga. It may be freezing in your apartment, you may be lazy, or you may not know how to do yoga. Buuuuuut I bet you know how to do two other things…. pour a glass of wine and take a hot bath. That’s easy. No stretching required.

5. You want someplace to eat your fajita and something to drink with it. I may or may not be talking specifically about myself. Generally, however, a bath tub is a wonderful place to eat. I have eaten many foods in my bath tub. Pancakes. Hash browns. Spaghetti. Fettuccine Alfredo. A shrimp or two. I suggest pairing the wine with the sauce. For example, red wine would be perfect with spaghetti. And cheap white zinfandel would be perfect with a chicken fajita and sour cream. We are class all the way at Moxie Girl.

6. Your life is a very confusing place right now. So I suggest putting your life aside for the time being and pouring yourself a glass of your favorite wine and getting in the tub immediately. Why? Life is confusing for everyone. No one knows what their future will bring. We need to find contentment in the moment. That moment is now.

What great reasons do you have to take a hot bath and drink a glass of wine right now? We have plenty. Leave your comments below!

Drink it up,


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