Ms. Moxie’s 30 at 30

April 19, 2014

Dear readers,

I always told myself that when I turned thirty years old, I would write down thirty pieces of “wisdom” that I have accrued over the years. And so I bring you, Ms. Moxie’s 30 at 30. Enjoy!

1. There is such a thing as bad coffee.

2. Always keep a light on.

3. Female friendships ARE important.

4. Any job is a good job because it’s a contribution to society.

5. Think positive, prepare for the negative.

6. HAVE TONS OF FUN. But make sure you’ve got your bases covered (bills paid, money saved, family taken care of, job, etc.)

7. Beware of fast friends. They are probably crazy.

8. Spirituality and religion are important. Nurture one or the other, or both.

9. Never, ever, let anyone tell you who you are.

10. Don’t diet, just add healthier options.

11. Keep moving forward.

12. You cannot control the actions of others. And blaming yourself for their actions still doesn’t give you any control.

13. Tequila is bad.

14. Help some one help themselves. It’s always your best bet.

15. Love your own life.  Nurture your own life, even when you are in a relationship or marriage, and even if you have to force yourself.

16. You will have to pay back your student loans some day. It will depress you.

17. Don’t run from sadness. Feel it, but don’t dwell in it.

18. Save money. Even if it’s a little bit at a time. Fake nails don’t fix cars.

19. There is beauty in EVERYTHING.

20. Motherhood is privilege and not a right. Take your parenting responsibilities very seriously and set good examples.

21. Constantly assess your priorities and goals. Make sure your path is leading you there.

22. Moisturize everywhere all the time.

23. Avoid a tanning bed whenever possible, however tempting they may be this time of year.

24. Cigarettes kill you. And make you stinky. And make you ugly.

25. Water is your best friend. Sleep is your other best friend.

26. The sexiest thing about you is your attitude about yourself.

27. Never stop celebrating your birthday.

28. Werewolves are way cooler than vampires.

29. Go outside as much as you can. Human beings were not meant to sit in a box all day playing video games and checking their phones.

30. Choose to be happy. Happiness can be work. But it’s well worth it :)

Now readers, what are some pieces of advice that you can give me? Leave comments below!

Another year better,


Thirty Pieces of Wisdom from a Thirty Year Old



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