Weekend Project: Barefoot Butterfly

June 19, 2014

Dear readers,

Have the weekend off? Looking for a fun keepsake art project to brighten up your home, or a cute little gift for a family member? Moxie Girl has the perfect project for you! Courtesy of my mom and her creativity (and Pinterest).


3 or 4 different paint colors

One Sharpie

One canvas

3 or 4 different sponges

One bucket with soapy water

A rag

A devoted friend or family member to help

Your child or children
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Step One: Get that bucket of water ready. Warm water, dish soap and an old rag will work just fine. I put Squeak in her highchair, outside, because it gave me perfect access to her little feet. Also, her high chair is easily washable. It’s best to assume that paint will get everywhere with this project. You never know what your little child will do where paint in concerned. My mom was up for a few days visiting and I was lucky enough to have her help me. Thanks mom!

6-18-2014 024

Step Two: Get your sponges and paint all accessible and ready. I found it best to use one sponge per color. I bought my sponges and paint at Walmart a while ago. My mom picked up this square canvas at JoAnn Fabrics. Make sure you wash those little feet with water so they are nice and clean.

6-18-2014 027

Step Three: The fun begins. Paint your child’s feet one foot at a time. My mom held her foot as I painted them. I squirted a dab of paint on the sponge and immediately dabbed it on her foot. I did this with all the colors. It’s okay if the colors mix a little bit, it makes for a more interesting pallet.

6-18-2014 043

Step Four: Press your child’s foot on the canvas. Use enough pressure to flatten his or her foot out. It will create a fuller wing for your butterfly. Keep in mind that to create a good looking set of wings, you have to stamp their feet so they face opposite directions. Leave enough space in between the footprints to be able to draw in the head and the body of your butterfly.

6-18-2014 039

Step Five: After both feet have been stamped onto your canvas, wash those little feet! This is a no-brainer for most moms.

Step Six: Let the paint dry, and use your Sharpie to draw a butterfly body. I also dated mine, and wrote who was involved.

6-18-2014 049

See now wasn’t that easy?! If you have more than one child, you can do several butterflies on one canvas.¬†Interested in a keepsake art project that is a little more advanced? Try the Mod Podge Streamer Collage¬†tutorial and have fun!

Questions? Comments? Are you proud of how your project turned out? Post below!







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