Trusting the Process

May 26, 2015

Dear readers,

When we have to tell our ourselves things like “everything will be okay” or “I just need to be positive” what we are really doing is telling ourselves to trust the process. Chances are, when you have to tell yourself these things, you are not in the best phase of your life.  Your life has probably become a bit murky and scary and perhaps you just aren’t sure where you are going to end up.  Not knowing what is going to happen next, or why your life has taken a turn for the worst, is emotional warfare. Having to just throw your hands up and have some faith sucks, I will be completely honest. However, here are 10 Moxie Girl approved tips along with 10 beautiful quotes guaranteed to help you keep your head above water, especially when you are forced to sit back and trust the process.

1. Have some faith. Gah, don’t kill me for saying this! But seriously, this is the big one.


2. Let your problems go and help some one else. It will give you perspective. I can guarantee you that some one else out there needs help too.


3.  At times, we all have to entertain the fact that maybe a lot of our problems stem from ourselves. Look inside yourself for answers. Accept your own faults and work on changing them.


4. Trusting the process is about having faith that the path you’re on is meant to lead you somewhere better. This doesn’t happen overnight.


5. Venting is great and it also gives you perspective, however, take other people’s opinions lightly. They are not you. They do not know what is meant for you in this lifetime.


6. This runs along the same lines as number 5. Not really knowing who I was as a person has always caused me troubles in the past, both with friendships, frenemies, and men. Take some time to get to know yourself! Value yourself!

run your world

7. We all need baby steps in the right direction. I had no clue where I would end up two years ago, but I can tell you I am way better off here. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.

baby steps

8.  There is definitely a reason you are going through what you are going through, it may hurt and it may seem hopeless at times, but we also don’t have a birds eye view of what is going on . Putting your faith in a higher power can bring us all a lot of peace.

gods plan

9. I think this one speaks a truth all its own.


10. Remind yourself that every bad thing that happens to you is making you a much smarter and stronger woman. You are evolving into a diamond ;)


I hope this little blog has offered some help to any of you ladies going through tough times. I also hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day. Feel free to comment below and let us all know what quotes inspire you!

Trusting every day,


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