Summer Walk with Squeak

June 7, 2015

Right on schedule, my daughter and I go for a summer walk every day around 6:00 pm, unless the weather is bad, which happens frequently ¬†way up here in Sault Ste. Marie. Tomorrow’s blog is about my fifteen goals for Summer 2015, and going for beaucoup walks with Squeak happens to be right on that list.

IMG_2607I cut her up an apple and we hit our regular route which is about a mile. This is also the same route I try to run when Squeak is with her dad. Man, I am out of shape, but I’ll get there.

IMG_2603She likes to grab all the flowers she can.

IMG_2621I obviously like to hunt through the grass for awesome flowers to impress her with, and add to her bouquet :) Mama can scavenge.

IMG_2617Here she is, full of apples and flowers. It’s the only way to be!

Walk on,



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    1. Thank you so much Alex…Audrey so beautiful, just like her mother. ..You have given me mist special gift :) Such a perfect adorable. .precious …Grand daughter. ..

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