15 Goals of Summer 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear readers,

I’m big on writing out lists and goals, doing this helps me focus on the major things that I need to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or whatever. Every Saturday morning, I write out a “To Do List” for the weekend as I’m working on this website. Naturally, now that it’s officially June, I have written out my summer goals for 2015.

I’ve been contemplating all week what my summer goals for 2015 should be. I sat and thought about them during breaks at work, while my daughter and I were going for walks, and even while I was folding laundry. See, the thing about goals is that they are supposed to give you forward momentum. Always set goals that will push you into the person you hope to be. Weight loss goals are always common, but general lifestyle goals are just as important. Find the things that truly fulfill you, or the things that don’t fulfill you at all, and plot an action plan around them.


Action plan for Summer 2015, go!

1. Go kayaking on various bodies of water all around Sault Ste. Marie with Heather.

2. Stay overnight at Tahquamenon Falls. Fall asleep listening to the waterfalls in the back of my Blazer. Ever since I got that beast, I’ve always wanted to fall asleep in the back of it.

3. Run an entire mile. Seems impossible right now, but that is why it is a goal.

4. Hike the full 10 miles at Tahquamenon Falls. We did the first five miles Memorial Day weekend, and now it’s time for phase two.

5. Teach Audrey how to ride a tricycle.

6. Refurbish a piece of furniture and paint it pink. I need a pink piece of furniture in my life.

7. Grow a lot of basil and make some delicious pesto. Seeds are planted. Just waiting on some action!


8. Grow a little sunflower patch. Seeds are planted, and again I’m awaiting action.

9. Learn how to can and can up my tomatoes.

10. Go for a walk or a run every day. Pick Squeak a wildflower bouquet in the process.

11. Make peace with “the storm“, as I like to call the last two years.

12. Make two new friends. Time to cast a wider net.

13. Find a neutral line and stay there. No more drama mama. Focus on myself and where I’m going and let everyone else do their own thing.

14. Grow a fabulous little pumpkin patch for Squeak.

15. Clear out the noise. By “the noise” I mean negative self talk, negative talk from others, and situations or people that are energy suckers.


So how about you readers? What are your goals for Summer 2015? Please comment below!

Love the sunshine,


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    1. Love your goals….Myself I have stay healthy, & Go for walks myself, when I’m not in the truck…..

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