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June 13, 2015

Dearest readers,

I’ve never considered kayaking a “thing”. Quite frankly, kayaking never crossed my mind in general. However, as of last week, I went on my very first 1.5 hour trip and I fell madly in love. Thus, I put kayaking on the very top of my 15 Goals of Summer 2015 list.

Kayaking in the Upper Peninsula is always a beautiful adventure. I took quite a few photos with my iPhone on this little adventure, but I will post the best of the best just for you and your weekend reading pleasure!

UP Kayak Trip

We started out here. The point on the left is where we would end up. We pretty much stayed along the edge of Ashmun Bay the entire time.

Michigan kayaking

These are my co-workers, Heather and Kris. Heather let me borrow her extra kayak for the trip. Kayaking around Ashmun Bay was the best possible place for a beginner. There was a lot to see with very few obstacles.

Sault Ste. Marie kayaking 2

I’m not sure what these dead plants are. Can anyone help me out?

Sault Ste. Marie kayaking 5

Clear sky and water. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Michigan kayaking 3

Simplify indeed. Did I capture a falling star in this photo? Not sure if that is possible at 7:00 pm in the Upper Peninsula. If so, I hope some one had a wish come true. I didn’t even notice this until I started editing.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 1

You can see a massive freighter coming around the bend. We were careful to not get too far away from the edge of Ashmun Bay. Freighter versus kayak, I don’t think those odds are very good. I was adventurous and paddled out a little further than the rest, but I didn’t stay there long.

Michigan kayaking 2

Ashmun Bay had a lot of old dock remnants for us to maneuver around.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 3

Heather and the freighter. My favorite photo from our trip.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 4

Heading around the bend to the old tannery.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 5

Ms. Moxie kayaks 7I have no idea what these three large structures are. My guess would be storage containers for grain. There is nothing in them now. The only things left of the old tannery are rusted metal, rotten wood, and cement.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 8

The water was like glass.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 7 (2)

More remnants of the old tannery.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 9

With the sun starting to set, it was getting cold and time to go home.

Ms. Moxie kayaks 10

Just in time to see the massive freighter enter into the Soo Locks. Not bad for my first time kayaking in the Upper Peninsula.

Much love,



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