The Coffee Facial

June 24, 2015

Coffee, it’s amazing… on your face! Radical idea, I know.

I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies. With most of them, I have had decent results (aside from using lemon juice as an astringent….. it burned my face off ). But the coffee facial is my tried and true favorite.

I used it for the first time about two years ago and I still use it every week. In the winter, the coffee facial removes your dry skin. In the summer, it removes blackheads. I love it. The best part is that it works perfectly with my sensitive skin.

Ladies and gents, I bring you…


3 tablespoons coffee grounds
1 tablepoon olive oil

This isn’t an exact science. Try the 3:1 ratio and see if you like it. I have dry skin so I like having a little more olive oil. When you mix the olive oil and coffee grounds together it should have a paste-like consistency.

On the weekends, I wake up well before Squeak and I make my coffee. Then, once the grounds are cooled off, I put them in a bowl and splash some olive oil on them. I relax, I take my shower, and I wash my face. Then I grab my handy dandy bowl full of coffee grounds and I rub them all over my face in a circular motion. This facial exfoliates your face so well. I usually let it sit for about 1 minute before washing it off with warm water. The hot shower steam opens up your pores and the coffee paste helps unclog them.

Here are some pictures of my skin after using this facial Saturday morning. They haven’t been altered in any way aside from upping the saturation. I love how it makes my skin glow.facial scrub collageTry this and let me know now how it works out! I’d be interested to hear how the coffee facial works on different skin types.

If you are interested in other uses for coffee grounds, please check out this link!

Much love for coffee,



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