Happy Sunday

July 12, 2015

Dear readers,

Happy Sunday! Today is a good day for dreamers.

The minestrone soup is in the crock pot and I am two precious hours away from a three hour kayak trip down the Whiskey River. Can’t wait to grab the camera and ditch the phone in the car.


Yesterday morning, I got up at the crack of dawn with a head full of thoughts, as dreamers often do.

Wildflowers in UP

Since this is Squeak’s weekend with her dad, I was able to head over to my favorite spot in Sault Ste. Marie.

Meditation spot

It’s a huge hill. I’m sure my Facebook friends have gotten used to many Instagrams of this place. You can overlook the town and see parts of Canada.

Meditation Spot

In the winter, it’s actually the town’s snow hill, where the kids can go inter-tubing. However, in the summer, it’s all mine! Mwahaha!


Or so I thought…

I was hoping to meditate there for a bit and clear my head, but the loudspeakers were blasting 80’s music. SO I left.

Wildflowers in UP

Instead, I went home and jogged for half a mile. Getting closer and closer to those 15 Goals of Summer 2015.


I hope everyone has a great Sunday! What are your plans?




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    1. I Dream everyday :) You have fun on the river, love you

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