The Soo Locks With Sam

August 11, 2015

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking my friend Samantha out on a date. The hospital offered it’s employees a free dinner cruise with the Soo Locks Boat Tour, and I knew just who needed a night out. She’s crazy, I’m crazy, it just works.

If you are ever in Sault Ste. Marie,  I highly suggest you take the Soo Locks Boat Tour.

Here are the beautiful photos from our night on the St. Mary’s River.


Check out my crazy friend. She’s pretty sweet.

The St. Mary's River

The beautiful and blue St. Mary’s River.

The Sugar Island Ferry

The Sugar Island Ferry.

International BridgeThe International Bridge which connects Soo, Ontario with Soo, Michigan.

The Soo Locks Boat Tour

All smiles at the head of the boat.

The Soo Locks Boat ToursQueens of the World? Titanic jokes anyone?

The Soo Lock Boat Tour

The Herbert C. Jackson.

Soo Locks Boat Tours

The Mississagi, a Great Lakes Fleet Vessel.


Bye, bye Mississagi. We love you!

Boat nerd for life,


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    1. That’s what Best friends are for :) Live up there, never did that :) , Glad to see you both Enjoy :) xoxo

    1. You sure have the eye for photos, beautiful night with a beautiful friend. Thanks for the adventure, life is never dull with you!

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