The Sturgeon River

August 12, 2015


Dear readers,

I’ve formed a deep connection with nature these past few months.  I’ve always liked to be outside, but I never considered it a place of healing until this summer. Sometime around March, I began to formulate my summer plan. It looked a little bit like this, “Go outside as much as possible.”

I’ve really outdone myself.

As mentioned before, I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. It is small town in the middle of nowhere with nothing but woods, water, and Canada surrounding it. I fell in love with it immediately, but it took me almost ten years to really realize how many outdoor activities there are. It makes me wonder what I did for entertainment these prior ten years….hmmmm…..

During my writing vacation, I ventured to lower Michigan to hit the Sturgeon River for a day. Adam, Mandy, Sam, and I rented out catamarans through Big Bear Adventures. It’s the second year we’ve done it, and it’s worth the $35 per person for a day on the water. We booked the 4 hour trip, and it lasted about 6 hours. We ate our picnic lunches, we went swimming, we relaxed and  it was beautiful.

I recommend using the River Cats (catamarans). I like them because I take a lot of photos, and they typically do not tip over. Sam and I made a great team. Adam and Mandy did a great job being my river action models. Next time we go, I may actually rent my own kayak, we will see about that.

Here are the photos from my day on the Sturgeon. Hope you enjoy!

The Sturgeon River


Sturgeon River Crew

IMG_3780 IMG_3769 IMG_3746 IMG_3755 IMG_3762 IMG_3838 IMG_3834 IMG_3827 IMG_3817 IMG_3816 IMG_3809 IMG_3802 IMG_3799 IMG_3795 The Sturgeon River

Has anyone ever been down the Sturgeon River before? Feel free to share experiences and photos!

Nature girl out.

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    1. What beautiful pictures! I loved the trip and the people I shared it with. I’m glad we shared our journey down the river together. Best therapist in town! Lots of laughs and adventures. Looking forward to many more.

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