11 Reasons to Garden with Your Child

August 19, 2015

Dear readers,

Gardening is something that I’ve started doing since we moved into our duplex. I always dreamed of having a little garden prior, but never had the room.


The woman who lived here before me had a beautiful garden and she left me a few of her perennials, some seeds, and some tips. So this year, I planted some cucumbers, tomatoes, English Lavender, pumpkins, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, and a bucket of sunflowers. Along with the other perennials, Audrey and I have a pretty cute little garden.

Aside from the rose bush. I hate that rose bush.

Anywhoo, I believe that a garden provides a lot of teachable moments for a child. Even if they don’t get the entire gist of the experience, a garden still builds a foundation for healthy habits in the future.  More importantly, it provides awareness in regards to what a healthy diet really is, in a country that has lost it’s way.

11 reasons to garden with your child

Audrey is only two, so she doesn’t find plants extremely amazing yet. But she does like to help me pick them, water them, and she likes to play with the veggies. When she was younger, there really wasn’t a whole lot she liked about gardening, but now I can tell an interest has been sparked. If only because she has a cool hat to wear.

There are a lot of reasons to garden with your child. Here are mine!

My 11 Reasons to Garden with Your Child:

1. It teaches them to respect food. Which is very import and also something we lack these days. It helps children understand that healthy foods are living organisms that are grown to feed us. Not just junk we use to fill our stomachs.

2. It teaches them where food comes from. The majority of food comes from the ground, not a bag or a box.

3. It gets them outside. Fresh air does wonders for the attitude of a two-year old, and it probably does wonders for yours as well.

11 reasons to garden with your child

4. It teaches them patience. Gardening teaches patience and nurturing.

5. It’s stress relieving. I know a lot of people garden to relieve stress, I am one of them. I work with a woman whose husband has his own green house. He nurtures hundreds of plants from seed and then gives them away. He gardens solely because it helps him mentally.

6. It’s scientific. Every one of us has taken a plant science class. Every one of us groaned our way through it. Is it possible that maybe our children may find plant science interesting one day? Hey, it’s worth a shot!

7. It builds the foundation for a healthy relationship with food. It’s very easy for us to forget where food comes from, or what healthy food should look like. Gardening with your child is great way to instill those beliefs from the beginning. So even when they lose their way someday, they will find a way back.

11 Reasons to Garden with Your Child

8. It helps them appreciate nature and Mother Earth. Something that we are lacking in America.

9. It is something you and your child can do together and bond over. Parks, walks, swimming and gardening!

10. It teaches them a valuable ways to save money. Someday, they too will be on a budget and looking for ways to cut corners. Gardening and canning is a great way to do this.

11. It teaches them to be self sufficient and self sustainable. The majority of what our ancestors ate was pulled from a garden. Over the last hundred years, the way we get food has changed dramatically and so has our over-all health. Teaching your child to garden not only allows them to grow their own food, it also gives them access to a healthier life.

11 reasons to garden with your child

Food for thought? I couldn’t resist that pun.

Now that you’ve heard my 11 Reasons to Garden with Your Child, leave your reasons down below in the comments!

Happy Gardening,


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    1. I loved this post. Ever since Noah started growing garden plants with grandma he has fallen in love with pea pods. Can’t wait for next year. So excited to grow our own stuff in our new home!

    1. Audrey just like her mommy :) Loves outdoors. ..Audrey has great teacher, her mommy, who I love too :)

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