15 Goals of Summer 2015: The Recap

August 26, 2015


Dear readers,

I want you to know that you are officially a part of history, as this is the very first “recap blog” I have ever written.

On June 8th,  I posted 15 Goals of Summer 2015, today my post will be a review of how well I managed to reach those goals. Since I haven’t actually monitored my success throughout the summer, I am very interested in doing this recap.

Here goes nothing Moxie people!

1. Go kayaking on various bodies of water all around Sault Ste. Marie with Heather.

I did pretty good with this one, in fact, I still have some pictures of the Charlotte River I have not posted yet. We have plans to go on at least one more kayaking trip before the weather gets too cold.

2. Stay overnight at Tahquamenon Falls. Fall asleep listening to the waterfalls in the back of my Blazer. Ever since I got that beast, I’ve always wanted to fall asleep in the back of it.

Indeed I did it, and I blogged it. That Blazer was all sorts of cozy, but not at all comfy! I’m going to bring a few more comforters next time to add some padding. All in all though, the experience was what I expected it to be, and I’d do it again, especially if my best friend is involved.

3. Run an entire mile. Seems impossible right now, but that is why it is a goal.

Nailed it. Almost puked. I’m up to a mile now and I’ve gotten back on bench, thanks to my dear (and ridiculously fit) friend Chris. It feels good to get back into a gym routine, as well as be able to master a goal that seemed totally impossible months earlier. I felt like I was going to die though, I’ll be completely honest.

4. Hike the full 10 miles at Tahquamenon Falls. We did the first five miles Memorial Day weekend, and now it’s time for phase two.

Never had a chance. But it will be on my list for Fall goals. I’m thinking my brother and I should do it as a family bonding experience! Anyone else want to join?

5. Teach Audrey how to ride a tricycle.

I’ve officially taught her how to sit on a tricycle, put her feet on the peddles, and then get frustrated. Her little legs don’t understand the concept of peddling just yet, but we will reach a break through in the Fall. I have high hopes damnit.

6. Refurbish a piece of furniture and paint it pink. I need a pink piece of furniture in my life.

I did it and I blogged it. It wasn’t the piece of furniture I had in mind, and it wasn’t the pink I had in mind, but summer went by really fast and this counts. Right now,I’m painting an end table Robin’s Egg blue, so that’s the fall refurb tutorial. Gel stain, ooooooooooo.

7. Grow a lot of basil and make some delicious pesto. Seeds are planted. Just waiting on some action

Action that never came. However, my sweet basil was beautiful this year because I bought a half grown plant from Walmart. It thrived.  I never had the chance to make pesto, but I did freeze a lot of it in olive oil so I can enjoy it in sauces all winter.

8. Grow a little sunflower patch. Seeds are planted, and again I’m awaiting action.

My sunflowers are finally blooming and they are so cute! Oddly enough, the ones I planted never grew, but the ones that fell from my bird feeder are looking mighty healthy.

9. Learn how to can and can up my tomatoes.

Not even close. I got a few tomatoes, but nothing major, just some nice ones for salads and BLTs. Next year, next year.

10. Go for a walk or a run every day. Pick Squeak a wildflower bouquet in the process.

We went for a lot of walks, not every day, but a lot of walks. Audrey definitely got her share of wildflowers.

11. Make peace with “the storm“, as I like to call the last two years.

Getting there. Slowly but surely. I’ve made a life for myself that promotes peace on all accounts, so I think that’s even better than making peace with my divorce.

12. Make two new friends. Time to cast a wider net. 

I became closer with a lot of acquaintances, I made a new friend, and I rekindled an old friendship.  I think I went above an beyond with this one.

13. Find a neutral line and stay there. No more drama mama. Focus on myself and where I’m going and let everyone else do their own thing.

This is my second biggest accomplishment. I “stand firm in my own center” as the yogis like to say. I was a tried and true people pleaser once upon a time. Making everyone happy meant something profound to me and I tied it to my own self-worth. It was hard to differentiate between friend or foe because I was doing so much to please everyone. Or I felt that obligation to say “yes”.

Now I prefer to see my life as a castle with a moat around it. I don’t lower the drawbridge for everyone. Just because some one is nice to you, doesn’t mean they are your friend.

14. Grow a fabulous little pumpkin patch for Squeak.

I planted a billion seeds and none of them grew, this was Summer 2015’s major disappointment. Luckily, her grandpa grew an amazing accidental pumpkin patch!

15. Clear out the noise. By “the noise” I mean negative self talk, negative talk from others, and situations or people that are energy suckers.

Nailed it. This one was interlinked with number 13 but I didn’t really know it when I was writing this blog a few months ago. Once you block the excess noise, and make an effort to be positive and happy, your true self shines through. I also have noticed that everything becomes very clearer when you are happy. The people who should or shouldn’t be in your life, how to handle situations, what you should do with your day, the list goes on and on. Happiness and clarity went hand in hand for me.

So all in all, I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished this summer. In fact, I’d have to say that this has been the best, and most eventful summer I’ve had in a very long time. I wonder what Fall will bring?

Aside from another list of goals, that is…


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