Oswald’s Bear Ranch

July 20, 2016

Dear readers,
My daughter, mother, and I went to Oswald’s Bear Ranch for the very first time on 4th of July weekend. We were really impressed.
Oswald’s Bear Ranch is the largest bear-only complex in the United States of America. It is the home of twenty-nine rescued bears, with two huge (and beautiful) habitats for their older bears. They also have two smaller habitats for their younger bears.oswaldsbearranch
I found it to be very family friendly, inexpensive, and great exercise for the little one. It’s only $20 per vehicle to get into the park. You can stay and explore as long as you want AND you can buy a bag of apples to feed the bears, if you so choose. They love it (both bears and children). You have the option to stay at eye level with the bears and see them through the fencing, or look down at them from one of their look-out platforms.
Squeak was mesmerized.

The bears are truly happy there. It was interesting seeing all their different personalities.

We will definitely be back to Oswald’s Bear Ranch in the fall!


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    1. Never been there :) pretty cool, beta Audrey love seeing the bears. :) Miss reading your moxie girl….glad see on Facebook again…love yous

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