Weekend Project: Mod Podge Streamer Collage

August 23, 2016

Dear readers,

Streamers become a staple of every mother’s life by the time her child turns one. Am I right? Yes? No? I always find an old roll just chillin in a drawer somewhere whenever I start deep cleaning. Word of advice, do not throw them away. They are perfect for up-cycled crafting projects throughout the year with your child.

Here is a great tutorial on our little Mod Podge Streamer Collage project from last weekend. It’s a great little up-cycled craft project for you to do with your family, perfection not needed!

Okay, so here is your shopping list:

Mod Podge

Canvas (any size) or construction paper

Sponge brushes


All your old streamers

Easy, cheap, and almost everything can be used several times.

mod podge streamer collage3

Step One:

Toss out all the streamer rolls that are stained or look discolored, stains become very noticeable when you start Mod Podging. Cut up the remaining rolls into one inch pieces. This takes a while, so you can cut them all up at once for future projects, or just cut what you need for this project. If you cut everything up at once I suggest that you bag the pieces by color, that way you have them all ready for future up-cycled craft projects.

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Step Two:

Get messy! Shake up the Mod Podge first and then go to town “painting” your streamer pieces on.

Squeak and I started our project outside during a little picnic, it was really fun until the wind kicked up. Then it was frustrating. We finished in our art room. Try not move the little pieces of streamer around too much or they will clump and rip. Squeak and I did it as a team and I found this less frustrating for her, she’s only three so she doesn’t have a ton of patience. She would paint the Mod Podge on the canvas and I would add the streamer pieces.

mod podge streamer collage2Step Three:

Continue to add pieces until your canvas or paper is covered completely. Try not to overlap pieces too much because they will turn into a dark, wet, blob. However, if it does happen then big deal! Crafts are meant to be fun for kids and improve their motor skills. Squeak begins head start in a few weeks so we are all about revving up her motor skills!

mod podge streamer collage4

Step Four:

Apply one generous top coat of Mod Podge to the entire canvas or paper, set it aside and wait. I waited about 24 hours, but 12 hours is probably enough. After it was bone dry I decided to add a few more pieces and then another thin coating of Mod Podge. Then I waited another 12 hours and voila! Your up-cycled craft project is finished! Aren’t you awesome?! Of course you and your child have to sign and date it, hang it on the fridge or the wall, or give it away as a little gift to a family member.

I know there are about 1,000 different project ideas for old streamers that are way more productive than sending them away to a landfill. What are your ideas?

Up-cycling in the U.P.

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