September 18, 2016


11 Pre-Holiday Items You Need To Thrift For RIGHT NOW

11 Pre-Holiday Items You NEED to Thrift for Right Now

Dear readers, It's September, you know in a week or two we will be going crazy for the holidays. I went to Big Lots yesterday and they were actually putting out Christmas stuff with the Halloween decorations. Pretty much sacrilege in my book, but, alas, I digress. Soon enough you will be roaming Pinterest for ideas on home-made centerpieces, decorations, and gift ideas, so now is the perfect time to start scouring thrift stores for these crafty, useful items that are…

Pepperoni Roll-ups

Dear readers, I am always faced with a dilemma called, "What the hell am I going to do for dinner?" I get off of work at 4 pm, get Audrey from daycare, and prefer to have food in her mouth by 5 pm. This leaves me with about 30 minutes to cook something healthy and nourishing for her (which she will actually eat). Pepperoni Roll-ups were a concoction that actually solved this problem quite well. Here is the quick and easy recipe:…

Thrift Store inspirations for clean fall fashion in 2016

16 Thriftspirations for Fall 2016

Dear readers, Let's talk Fall. Let's talk about pumpkins, apple cider, cinnamon, pumpkin flavoring, Halloween, and watching leaves change colors. Let's talk about all of that... in a different post. Right now, let's talk about my favorite part of Fall: the fashion options! Tights, shorts, skirts, scarves, and skinnies. You can be cozy, comfy, edgy, bad and good all in the same outfit. Leggings and shorts? Sure. Pleather and a sweater? Of course. I. Love. Fall. Outfits. Eeeeeeekkkk! Okay I'm…