A Winter Hike Through Tahquamenon Falls State Park

February 26, 2017

Dear readers,

Winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has it’s share of ups and downs. I am currently in the middle of the “down” portion, otherwise known as: so much snow I can’t see out of my driveway, so little sun I want to sleep all day, and so little fresh air/exercise I feel like a blob.

However, a few weekends ago, I experienced the upside of living in the great U.P. My friend and I had the pleasure of hiking through Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the middle of winter and it was beautiful. I almost prefer it to hiking there in the summer.

It was my first time at Tahquamenon Falls State Park with snow on the ground and I didn’t know what to expect exactly, surprisingly I thought the trails were a lot easier to hike because snow covered the root systems. We also saw some ladies dog sledding! First time for that as well! I liked that there were areas you could hike through and also areas that were good for snow-shoeing. We brought our snow shoes just in case, but we didn’t need them.

Here my the photos from that beautiful winter hike…

Sam, my partner in crime, tried to be funny and hit me with a few snowballs, but he failed. I think I tried to hit him as well… AND SUCCEEDED.

The path in the photograph above was a little treacherous. I got the distinct feeling that if my daughter was there she would slip, fall, and… in slow motion… slide through the railings.

It was a much needed day outside. When life becomes to big for you and the day-to-day stresses become overwhelming, it’s good to be in nature and feel comforted by the smallness of your life.

To remind yourself that it takes water hundreds of years to wear down a path through stone.

And that everything in nature is both accidental and intentional.

I hope you enjoyed the images from my walk through Tahquamenon Falls State Park. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get back in touch with nature for a day!




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