Moxie Monthly… February 2017

March 6, 2017

Dear readers,

Is it really time to write the recap letter from February already? Is it really March 6th?! This is both wonderful and sad. Wonderful because I am so ready for spring weather and sad because time passes oh so quickly. I also find it hard to think Spring when there is so much snow on the ground still.

So what’s the recap from last month? Well let’s see here…

LISTENING: I haven’t had time to listen to anything lately other than my own racing thoughts, and maybe a little Pandora Radio Pop 2016 because it reminds me of last summer! Also, a little Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse here and there.

DIGGING: Naps and whatever extra sleep I can get. Walks. Coffee. It’s starting to warm up at least slightly outside and I am ready to be out of the house, Last weekend, I went to Petoskey, Michigan for the day and spent some time walking around their city park. It was a great trail and I recommend it to anyone in winter or summer. Then we went out for lunch a La Senorita’s which was my favorite place when I was growing up downstate but I haven’t been there since. Hello memory lane.

EXPECTING: Working on an e-book of poems that’s set to be out this time next year!

STRESSING: Everything lately. What to do in life and where to go with myself. I feel like a hamster on a wheel some days.

READING: Nothing exciting right now, anything that catches my eye in relation to blogging. Maybe a few too many Facebook posts? Nothing zaps energy like Facebooking.

GRATEFUL: I always have so many things I am grateful for. Right now I am grateful for Squeak being a happy and healthy little four year old. It’s strange having a child who can entertain herself now. I am almost amazed I can sit down and write while she happily plays with her toys in her room. I am also grateful for the great friends and coworkers in my life that make me laugh every day!




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