SPRING ROUND-UP: 5 Thrift-spirations for Spring 2017

April 14, 2017

Dear readers,

Is anyone else really sick of leggings? Because I am so sick of leggings that I actually sent all mine to the consignment shop. They don’t stay up, they’re a major contributor to VPL, they’re not usually insulated very well, and they don’t breathe very well. I used to think they were so comfy and great too. Boo hoo.

My recent annoyance with leggings will be short-lived however, because winter is officially over and I have 5 Thrift-spirations for Spring 2017 that I can’t wait to shop for! Read on sister, and be inspired by Moxie Girl’s Spring 2017 fashion round-up, and remember to click each picture if you want to visit the original webpage, great fashion photos deserve their credit!

Number 1: Flares

Yay! So happy they are back and they are chic!

Flares are perfect right? I thought you’d agree. You can wear them with a tank top, a sweater, a t-shirt, boots, sandals, or wedges. They are always comfy and will usually stay up (grrr leggings….).

Number 2: Shorts and Sweaters

Shorts and sweaters? The perfect amount of warmth and coolness? Count me in.

I can see myself in this type of outfit on a warm spring day or a cool summer night by the campfire. The best part is that most sweaters are probably on sale right now!

Number 3: Bell-Sleeved Tops

I bought myself a top with bell sleeves in January, enough said about how excited I am for this spring trend.

Number 4: Flowing Skirts

Skirts, flowing skirts, definitely a fun item to thrift for in Spring 2017. Think outside the box and hit up a consignment shop, while you’re at it look for an old rocker shirt you can chop up and turn into a tank!

I love the flowing skirt/motorcycle jacket trend. Especially because it’s something from fall you can re-use for Spring 2017.

Number 5: Floral Anything

The floral pattern can be whatever you want it to be. It can be vintage, modern, classic, or bohemian. And it will DEFINITELY be easy to thrift for in Spring 2017 because it’s always been a popular pattern… probably since humans wore clothes.

So now that you feel inspired to transition your wardrobe from winter blues to spring cheer, enjoy hitting up those thrift stores and consignment shops! What other closet items are inspiring you these days? Leave a comment below!


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