Poem for Audrey

April 26, 2017

I saw the storm incoming-

The apocalypse of our love

For a while I tried running

But it rained down from above

It beat upon the shutters 

Like angry, pounding fists

My heart was slowly smothered

Crushed by all of this

And I sank into its blackness

I fell into its death

But you brought me back from nothing

And I thank you with every breath

A tiny little Light

That always guides my way

When everything else had left

It’s you that had to stay

Some days I swear I failed you

And I cannot bare the thought

I spend such time resenting

All the things that can’t be bought

Or returned to us…

There are nights I spend obsessing

I tally up the cost

Did I give my heart too freely?

Or my soul for what I’ve lost?

Everything that mattered

No longer comes around

He lit my life on fire

Then burned my world to the ground

And I hold my hands out grasping

I try to put things back

I try to pick up the pieces

And make sense of what I lack

But I cannot…


The past is burning embers

The future is unclear

I look at you, my Wonder

And know exactly why I’m here

So breathe life into me Darling

And give me sweet regress

Fill my head with laughter

And my soul with tenderness

For my mind aches

My heart breaks

And today is an empty day

So gather up my torments, Love

And take them all away

By Alexandra Bartley

Copyright 2014

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