April’s Goodwill Haul: Three Tips on Frame Thrifting

May 14, 2017

Dear readers,

Just a quick little blurb on April’s thrift store finds.

I really haven’t done much shopping in the thrifty/crafty category of my life lately. I’ve been making bigger purchases for summer enjoyment instead, including a deckside firepit and Squeak’s new My Little Pony bike with matching helmet.

However, with my budget back on lock-down, I go back to the little things in life that bring me joy. Otherwise known as pictures and frames….


I wanted to re-do the frame collage in my hallway, so I decided it was the right time to go hunting at Goodwill. I bought all you see here for $9.00, and it was well worth it. I already started updating the frames, so a tutorial is soon to follow this little post-ette.

Before I go, I have three very good tips on thrifting for picture frames, as I am quite the authority on what to look for and buy!

Number  One: Buy high quality second hand frames.

Don’t waste even a little bit of money on a cheap frame that some one discarded. You can buy older, higher-quality frames to refurbish for maybe a dollar more. Garage sale season is beginning and you could easily find nice frames for even less than at Goodwill. Just don’t pay .99 for a thrifted frame that probably cost .99 brand new.

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Number Two: Buy wood whenever possible.

Wood always seems to have the best outcome. Plastic also works pretty well. I have a plastic frame set I got at Walmart on Black Friday a few years ago, I spray painted them and they still look really nice three years later. Metal frames are tricky. Yea you can buy spray paint that bonds to metal and most of the time it works great, but sometimes it can be tricky (in my opinion). I also think wood works the absolute best when sanding the frames down after you’ve painted them to give them a shabby chic quality.

Number Three: Look for texture and personality.

I love funky frames with weird shapes and interesting patterns. If you’re planning on sanding them them and making them look shabby chic, then patterns, texture, and oddball qualities are what you should look for. Something a little different to set each frame apart. The texture and patterns are what stand out when you sand them down again after you spray painted them.

Hope you enjoyed my three mini tips on frame thrifting! Have a wonderful week! Subscribe today and get new posts directly emailed to you.

Thrift on,

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