DIY 4th of July Jewelry in 15 Minutes!

June 26, 2017

Dear readers,

It rained and rained outside today, my daughter and I watched it from our kitchen window. I wondered what this day had in store for us, aside from a lot of cartoons, books, and mind numbing amounts of internet research. What to do? What to do? I was slightly afraid to be honest. A limited amount of outdoor time isn’t always the best variable in our day.

My daughter eventually went down to the basement to see Ziggy (our pet bunny) and started working on a project for her grandma. She had no specific ideas in mind, she just pulled out a big bag of my plastic beads and some stretchy string I had shoved away in a craft drawer somewhere.


Time to make some 4th of July jewelry for next week! The idea worked perfectly because I needed something to do with her (at first on the kitchen table) and generally some to do while I was watching cartoons (later as she got bored). These little bracelets and necklace didn’t take long at all! About 15 minutes a piece, longer with a 4 year old helping. It’s also a great teaching experience as she is learning patterns and working on her dexterity for writing.

No needles or fancy jewelry equipment are required to complete this little 4th of July jewelry project. The materials are all pretty basic and generally kid friendly (4+) aside from the E6000 glue.

Here is what I used for our 4th of July jewelry tutorial.

E6000 craft adhesive

Clear Stretch Cord .5mm

Assorted Plastic Beads


Step one was simply getting my supplies together and on the table. I also suggest getting all the colors of beads you’ll use together. For this project I used light blue, dark blue, red and white. I had Squeak pull out beads with me. I bought an assorted color pack of beads for between $2 and $5 at Walmart last year. I can’t remember the exact price, but I remember it being very cheap.

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Step two, I guess would be considered “beading” but it’s really much less complicated than the term implies. Perhaps “stringing” would be a better term? I pulled about a foot and a half of the clear stretch cord off the spool to give me some leeway for stringing the beads. Do not cut the stretch cord until the end. Leaving the cord attached to the spool keeps the beads from accidentally sliding off the other end. ┬áMinimal effort project right here.

I tried to change up the colors and patterns with each different piece of jewelry, just to make them more interesting and fun!

Step three. Once your bracelet or necklace is long enough (I had Squeak around to measure as I beaded), cut the end that is still attached to the spool and tie the loose ends together. Make sure you give yourself a few inches of extra cord just to be safe. Add a small dab of E6000 glue to the first knot and tie two more knots to bond the cord together.

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Let the glue dry while you are finishing the rest of your bracelets, I let them all sit for about an hour and cut off all the extra strings at the very end.

There you go! Little effort required for some adorable bangles that you and your child can rock on the 4th of July! I’m really excited personally, any divorced parent knows that with our holiday schedule my ex-husband and I trade off holidays every year. So last year I did not have her for the 4th of July. Which means this year needs to be extra special, thus I’m trying to come up with ideas to give this 4th of July a little extra flare. Any ideas readers?

Enjoy the 4th of July jewelry! Leave comments below and if you like this tutorial please share with friends!

Have a wonderful 4th,

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