Cute and Easy Princess Garland (for your favorite birthday girl…)

August 9, 2017

Dear readers,

I was in a serious crunch for time last week. It was my friend and coworker’s birthday on Wednesday. I needed some funky and adorable birthday surprise decorations that I could execute on Tuesday while on my breaks at work. THINK DAMN YOU, THINK!!! Poor Mr. D had to listen to me ramble off ideas all night Monday.

Michelle, the birthday girl, said that all she wanted for her birthday was to be a princess for one day. I think she was joking, but we all took it literally. I mean, who wouldn’t? I knew I had a ton of jewels, construction paper, and ribbon in my possession. I knew the Vera Bradley purse my friend Shanin and I got her was not going to arrive in time.  I also knew I could throw some simple garland together in my one hour of extra time at work (not including the time it took for the glue to dry).

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So this is what I came up with, an easy tutorial, sure to please any birthday princess … and the person who has to make it.


Pink construction paper

Assorted gems

Pink ribbon

Elmer’s Glue



Step One:

I went online to Google Images, as I always do, to find a stencil that was the right size. I just needed something really simple. I found this one.

I printed it with the 4 x 6 image size setting on my computer, and when I cut it out I cut off the little baubles on the ends. Normally at this stage I would’ve traced the crown on some thicker paper or cardboard to make stenciling a little easier, but I really didn’t have loads of extra time, so I skipped that step.


Step Two:

Measure the area you plan to put your princess garland and cut your ribbon accordingly. This way you know approximately how many crowns you will need to trace and cut out. It’ll give you a chance to place the crowns on the ribbon before you start taping them and see how much space you want in between., it won’t be a guessing game. I made the princess garland for above Michelle’s desk for her birthday, and then I made some more for my daughter’s bedroom window because it fit perfectly with her theme. Princesses and butterflies, that’s my Squeak.

Step Three:

Trace the stencils with a light colored crayon or pencil. I used a red pencil that was laying around my desk at work. If you are using the same size crown I did, you can fit about 6 on one page of construction paper.

Step Four:

This is the longest step by far. Use your Elmer’s glue and glue on your assorted gems. I chose to add one right in the middle. I think less is more when it comes to this garland, mostly because I needed to make it quickly! Ha! But it worked for me. Another idea, which I plan on trying next time, would be to add a light coat of glitter spray paint before I put on the jewels. I’ve been dying to use glitter spray paint for something and I think I’ll be able to in the next tutorial I am cooking up. Subscribe to this site to stay tuned!

Wait around an hour or less for your gem to dry firmly onto the princess crown.

Step Five:

Tape each crown onto the ribbon. How simple is that?! I taped the ribbon onto the crown as far up as I could go. I left about 3-4 inches in between each crown as I added them to the ribbon. Of course you can use glue for this step as well. I just liked the quickness of the tape for my project. My only suggestion would be to use a glue that is very quick to dry, such as hot glue or Krazy Glue, that way you aren’t fighting with your ribbon as the glue dries.

After you’ve attached your ribbon, you are done my friend! Just hang ‘er up.

I was really happy with how my princess garland turned out. I was in a time crunch and it worked out really well. My coworkers and I gave Michelle a really awesome birthday surprise, which she deserved. Just look at how happy she looks! :)

Interested in making your own princess garland? Let me know how it works for you!

Happy Hump Day!

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